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June 21, 2018

Thunderbird Group Summer 2018

Ready. Set. Laugh. Stand-up Marc Yaffee enters the Comedy octagon swinging with a flurry of non-stop punchlines, stinging jabs and hard-hitting one-liners.
Thunderbird Road is an episodic Television Series with the mission to share the indigenous stories and perspectives of sites held sacred for thousands of years. As indigenous people have always honored all of Earth Mother, there are places that call to us. When we are in these places we are guests of the host nation who are the land, water and air. Understanding the importance and the traditions that hold value to our people of the land and sky.
The Broken Man
Help us make “The Broken Man”!  The script, penned by director Jaron Whitfill, is about a Native boy in the Old West who is forced to partner up with an opportunistic-outlaw in her attempt to decimate the assassins pursuing her. A legend, thought to be dead, becomes their unexpected ally.














In a not so distant future, the Earth’s water has been poisoned. The whole eco system has been destroyed. People have gone back to the nomad way of life A small family has stayed together and are struggling to survive. The young children question how we have come to this. Click here for support

A NativeFlix Original, Brian Yazzie has been described as an equal parts street magician, mentalist, and psychological illusionist. Yazzie began his career as a street magician 10 years ago following in the footsteps of world-renowned Magician David Blaine Yazzie’s magic has made him one of the most popular and exciting artists to rise from the Navajo Nation bringing his unique style of Magic, creativity, and showmanship. Yazzie is the first Navajo to join the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and he is a member of The Society of American Magicians. For Brian Yazzie life is magic.



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