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August 9, 2019

Production Values

We are currently working with New Mexico films makers, and musicians, creating a media storm, for the Enchantment of our people’s art, and culture, making dreams come true!

Media Broker

Each day we meet new relatives who believe in the same goal. Reaching out to the world and create a market of new industry standards, creating a niche, that now is mainstream market. In the recent past, we were only a product that could capitalized. Now each artists and business owners are taking back their culture, and sharing to benefit their families. Each day we are now connecting with gifted artists, and also storytellers that now have a na opportunity to benefit from the global audience.

Our show “Stone Soop” a Native Music television show, is gathering Indigenous Artists for healing moments, this is a dedication to the healing arts, and sharing of lifetime stories.

This will be launched in 2020, as mentioned in ancient prophecies, as a rainbow tribe of people who will benefit form a global market. Stay tuned as we gather more stories and markets, to build our dreams together. Join us, if you have a dream or market to claim feel free to make the connection! We give thanks to all of our relations who believe this is the time to be a real community with pride, and honor for all creation.

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