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September 11, 2019

Agenda 22 by Julie Vigil


Julie Vigil’s new book “Agenda 22” is a gripping novel of two individuals and their fight for survival on a dystopian Earth.
A spine-chilling book about a man and a woman’s journey to unravel the dark cosmic secrets of earth’s rulers.

On Earth, in the year 2180, Will and Mica live in a sustainable domed city called First City where they serve as eco-enforcement officers. They believe life is blissful in their perfectly controlled society. Will and Mica are selected to serve the elusive and revered Archa, and they are excited to start a new life and become part of the Archa compound.
After Will and Mica arrive, they discover to their shock that the Archa are degenerate and depraved. As life quickly descends into a living nightmare, Will and Mica learn that there are three other factions living on the planet, and those in control manipulate reality to suit their agenda.
Will and Mica eventually escape the notorious Archa compound and become fugitives. They unearth the dark secrets of ancient human history. Their journey is fraught with survival, new alliances, and ultimately self- discovery. They realize humans have a chance to prevail if each person becomes the future they wish to see.


Is “Agenda 22” just a story or a dark glimpse into our future?

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