“Holy Smokes: Project Film”

What is the “Holy Smokes Project” for film?

Senator Derrick Lente from district 65 featured in our new reel for Indigenous Film
Indigenous Entertainment Company

Thunderbird Group LLC (Pony Vigil) and

Renaissance Woman
Renaissance Woman (Nadine Nagamatsu) are proud to present
“Holy Smokes: Project film”.

The project is an educational program designed to encourage and train Indigenous Youth in the inner-workings of filmmaking. This program will provide a bridge to sustainable careers for indigineous people, while securing and growing the future of the New Mexico film industry.

Why do we need this program?

New Mexico has a deficit of film professionals. Which is why we lose jobs to other states when outside production companies film in-state. Now is the time to rectify this situation and give New Mexicans a chance to prosper and showcase their talent across the great state of New Mexico.

What are our goals?

  • Run “Holy Smokes: Project Film” pilot program
  • Train 5,000 individuals to become film professionals
  • Increase the NM film industry workforce to 10,000 people (currently 5k)
  • Build a film studio for the Indigenous people.
    • By owning the film studio, indigenous people will be able to create original content and retain the rights to their IP.
  • Partner with seasoned production houses to create a sustainable symbiotic film ecosystem.
Raskal Productions

Who will participate?

The Holy Smokes project will partner with the local 480 film union to develop a training program geared towards union jobs.

Dennis Muscari

Todd Christensen, Executive Director of The New Mexico Film Office

and Marvis Aragon Jr. of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce are slated to train film industry vendors.

Marvis Aragon Jr. Executive Director of AICC of New Mexico

The City of Albuquerque will drive economic development by funding programs for schools in the community. A high school has already been selected in Sandoval County to facilitate the Holy Smokes: Project Film pilot program. Students will participate in the required 60 hours to earn access to a union membership upon graduation.


Senator Derrick Lente from district 65, will be assisting with “Holy smokes: project film”. A unique community project bringing filmmaking to the indigenous people of New Mexico. 

For more information, please contact Holy Smokes

Written by Julie Vigil

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