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January 7, 2020

Ten things I learned fighting cancer

I am not a medical professional, and I am not advocating any medical treatment. This list is merely my own personal insights while dealing with a relentless disease.

I want to tell everyone the good news about my breast/lymph node cancer. I have only one tiny tumor left to zap, and according to the doctors I will be in remission. But in my mind, I believe that I am cured.

I want to talk about some of the things that I have learned during this journey, in the hope it may help others.

1. Never give in to fear, and panic, I believe that it will kill you faster than any form of cancer. After the initial shock, I looked at my diagnosis as a bump in the road of life that I would overcome.

2. I believe everything happens for a reason, and each experience good or bad has a purpose, so you can learn something about yourself and life. I have learned that whatever life challenges lay ahead, I can handle them with strength and grace.

3. I let go of any guilt and regret. 
I say to myself that, like everyone, I have made mistakes and learned from then. I will never repeat them, I have forgiven myself and others who have hurt me. Because now it is time for me to move on and concentrate on loving myself and others.

4. Never ever lose hope no matter what odds are against you ( I have been told several times that I had just months to live). I have seen this in other cancer patients the moment they give up, things seem to go downhill very fast.

5. I believe in the power of the mind and the ability to create my own reality. To make this work, you have to believe it to your very core being. The power of the mind is stronger than anything.

6. I changed my diet, I eat healthy organic food, and I have cut out all sugar.

7. I don’t say I have cancer over and over again. I believe that it gives it the illness negative energy to feed off, now I refer to my disease as my diagnosis.

8. I talk to my cancer and tell it is not welcome or invited and I want it to leave my body. I say it loudly in the shower and in the mirror several times a day. I talk to my immune system and tell it to fight hard.

9. Every day I visualize the tumors shrinking and dying. I also surround myself with white, healing light every time I go to bed.

10. When negative thoughts come into my mind, I replace them with good and positive thoughts. If negative thoughts persist, visualize a stop sign and spell the word stop over and over in your head until the thoughts disappear.

For all those who are suffering from cancer, never give up hope and keep on fighting, because you CAN beat it.

Love and happy new year to all.

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