The Indigenous Decade in the Art of Film

We begin our journey building relations with our state officials and find out how far we can go to find jobs in the film business. Each day we look for job opportunities, but we just don’t have all the skills it takes to get that job.
Who wants a job in the film industry?

Ntv, Native Music TeleVision and Thunderbird Group LLC, are sharing news about film careers in New Mexico.

First film that began the passion for film “Delivery From Earth”

This adventure in film started in 2014,

Winning entry of the Lockheed Martin / NM Film Foundation filmmaker grant. A science-fiction short film about the first human born on Mars, told from the perspective of a Navajo family living in Gallup, New Mexico.
Filmtribe Moving Pictures brought in interns from the Navajo Nation, Shaandiin Tome and Nataani Tome, giving inspiration to continue and become film makers of their own. Pony Vigil produced and brought in indigenous artists and crew to this film. Since we have continued the work to build film makers and assists artist in creating and building their own dream of film.
2018 Began streaming on Nativeflix
Produced for Nativeflix our first Navajo Magician Brian Yazzie at Institute of American Indian Art, spring of 2018
Ntv Native Music Television began with Indian Market August of 2018
We expanded to live music performances in 2017 -2020
We then finally won our first Native American Music video award with the amazing artist Michelle Thomas. 2019
Nawa! Hello! Introduction to Artist Adam Chess healing musical gifts. He is taught to listen, and to learn, to grow with, and share with you all… Lead Vocals Adam Chess, Back up vocals Pony Vigil, Percussion & Bass Kevin Kinane Produced by Ntv Native Music Television LLC & Thunderbird Group LLC
2019 Published a sci fi novel called Agenda 22, 4 out 8 main characters are Indigenous
2019 We are now ready to being the next level of film in New Mexico.

Check out the VJ mix by Pony Vigil, educating while entertaining about Native INDIGENOUS Ways.  #PonyVigil #VisitNewMexico #NewMexicoTrue #YouthEducationVisualAudio #NewMexicoToTheWorld #holysmokesprojectfilm

Thunderbird Group
Holy Smokes: Project Film
Ntv Native Music TeleVision
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