Dream Warriors UNITE


Please be careful with today,
Don’t know if there will be a tomorrow
precious life, we take for granted,
how did we become so slanted,

Today, its a good Day,
Today, is a new day,
Today…is Today 
Is A good day to be A L I V E!

no worries no regrets no complaints just living life FRESH  
and today is your lucky today
Dream Warriors have an update for everyone 
VJ Pony mixes it up…
“Indigenous Art in Film” “Dream Warriors UNITE“ as our ancestor told us. with the web of life, we will build bridges in light, and sound. As we heal each other with strength and wisdom..
We will be broadcasting the transition of life’s challenge’s, and sharing knowledge of our relatives who have been connecting the dots for survival, with balance and a traditional way of life.

These are the days we knew were coming, if we listened to our elders. In sacred path we walk with beauty, and healing for all.�Sty tuned for more, sharing some love, and healing, �for all of our relations…🙏🎤🧐�Smudging with cedar and sacred sage is healing. Music connects us all! One heart beat a t a time.
Special Thanks to 
Jessa Ochuur Calderon John Bird Lyla June Johnston Dream Warriors Management Adrian Wall

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