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May 25, 2020

Class of 2020, Indigenous life

Graduation for the class of 2020. Full length drive thru graduation video can be found at
It was an honor to be part of their class 0f 2020 graduation, Thunderbird Group and Lobos Protective services made it happen..

We begin by recognizing we are no longer alone, all of us have felt the power of regulation s and standards about to be adjusted. Each day we see more and more changes coming forward, as some of us on real areas are seeing a whole new deal of challenges.

We keep Fatih at hand, and hope in our back pocket, this is our way to see others challenged by differences or closed opportunities, I speak of all of this, as I have seen the coming of our new form of communication and storytelling.

We will being to tell our story about how we are no longer free to sing or perform in public.

These are trying times for us all. We have been taught to behave and stay at home, meanwhile the world continuers to turn, and our children are still growing like wildfire. The bonus is, we will see more of them as they grow with us closer that ever before.

I believe we had the same lifestyle about 100 years ago, we will be this way for another 20 years if we do not change our way of thinking. These two shall pass, maybe if you believe in fairy tales and puppies never growing old..

In the long run of life and solutions to our challenges of today, we will begin by remembering how to grew a garden and keep selling our ideas to the nearest bidders. I am not hitting with subtleties or pretty pictures, just a place we are all in together. Take note, we shall be stronger together and learn from one another to be as resilient as our ancestors were.

This too shall pass, only if we keep our fire lit with knowledge and wisdom…Love is the answer and music is healing us all, as it will always do for us as we grow younger and longer with life teasers. Never let go of your dreams, and always hold on to your children as if they are our lifeline!

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