We would like to share with you, the new safe NM film operations, for film making, it has begun.

A new protocol to keep NM film sets safe and healthy.

Lobo Protective Services LLC, is proud to Announce it’s N.M. Film Sanitation Team!! Utilizing EPA, and Green Certified products to Sanitize our locations 24/7!!! We are dedicated to keeping our N.M. Film crews SAFE!! #NMFILM “Non Toxic Solutions for Toxic Problems”! Partnering with NeoSan Labs a N.M. Company who’s Hospital Grade products were invented at Sandia National Labs!! 👍Stay tuned for more information, and an INFOMERCIAL Coming Soon!! “Utilizing a mixture of Part A&B Disinfecting products from NeoSan Labs, Eradicating 99.9999% of ALL Viruses!! with a cold fogger!”

Lobo Protection Services has created a new branch of security. Covid 19 health management, a term soon to be a common dialog for filming in New Mexico.

The Professional crews are reviewing our operations for clean and safe sets. A revolutionary cleaning supply created by NeoSan Labs

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