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May 10, 2021

2021 in the zone

Storie Lake New Mexico

Each day we have been looking into the future for signs of relief, or good news down the lime. The current temperature is heating up for summer with a new concept of reality, making the best out of nothing.

Northern New Mexico Day

Health and nutrition is our goal for life’s preservation, with social networks and new dietary manner. We can fight and be solid on how we will survive this pandemic. Each day I hear more great news on how we are combating the problems, socially and metaphysically.

Our Indigenous people Are more than elated about our new leader in the White House Deborah Holland, now we have to focus on our children’s education and experiences with new lifestyles & adaptations.

Our summer will be missing a few ingredients such as dancing and hugs, We have to sneak a hug ir two and dance in the dark alone. Soon we will be dancing in the streets and sweating up a storm..Indigenous people are ready for healing times and mediations or prayers for our people’s way.

Our television network has been challenged by loss of funding, due to covid and back lash of health issue with investment group. We have a strong commitment to getting this network hooked up in the Northern New Mexico and new Indigenous Studios are in development. First Press announcement will be end of June this summer.

Our new industries are gearing up for adaptations. We should grow our gardens, and dance our way back to new resolutions with opportunity to grow our business community. We look forward to a way for economic solutions to a rural cottage industry building Indigenous arts and music with performances, and new movies that inspiring our land and peoples.

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