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July 20, 2021

TBG, Ntv Las Vegas, NM

I am very excited to announce Thunderbird Group LLC and Ntv Native Music Television has moved to Las Vegas,NM for a few reasons. One is content and visual landscapes are amazing and healing. The fishing is great too.

We are proud to announce we have been titled as an “award winning video director, and designer, plus offering film instruction to our Indigenous Youth.

We are providing Digital services in North New Mexico, some projects have been all the way down in White Sands NM. Always bring extra sunglasses and sunscreen. DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Here our some of our favorite artist who have built this amazing music scene. Everyone knows each other and have performed and or made music together.

Unity and Indigenous Unity is the key to success for all of our artists, and jewelers, not to mentioned designers.

Indigenous Artist have been healing us all with Good Medicine.

Enjoy your day, more videos are being delivered to us all this summer and fall.

2020 is the beginning of our new way of healing, through music, and amazing stories of survival. 2021 to 2022 will change us all forever….

We have to laugh and find peace of mind

They gift us happiness Rez Style

Our goal is to brand ourselves with our community and beyond, such social media and content that brings people together. This has been our vision for the past few years. During Covid, we approached our future career moves on survival. This has lead us to bring more healing visuals to our campaigns and market strategies.

2019 then 2020 everything changed us all
In loving healing memories Wake is love

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