Remembering our stories

Winter is the story time, each of us now have anew story, one of survival. Our family and friends have all seen the best and worst of us, as we take good care of our selves, and close relations.

Each day we learn and grow with new knowledge, information , and support for healthy living, teaching our children calmness with honor. This is our challenge, to find balance and beauty in our common days of our lives. Good news is here….

Healing is stronger now, Faith, and music, mixed with new experiences are balanced with patients and simple action of forgiveness, and hope. We have now begun our way back to the new normal, one that we have adjusted our day for.

The music is now our guide to healing with love. Indigenous artists are expressing themselves, with pride, and honor. This next few years will be pour launch pad for recovery and rebuilding our amuse systems, by eating healthy, walking and taking to good hearted folks.

Film and television is our new voice, healing with melodic rhymes acknowledging, we are no longer invisible, or alone.

2022 is our year to begin the healing and charge up the soul. Stay tuned as we adjust our new normality for future generations, sharing is caring, living is forgiving, tomorrow is our day to feel the warmth of unity and happiness.

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