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September 20, 2023

Zia Star Records premiering Starla G

Starla G.’s Album “Supernova: Phoenix Rise”

A Groundbreaking Release on Zia Star Records

The Thunderbird Group is thrilled to announce the release of Starla G.’s much-anticipated album, “Supernova: Phoenix Rise,” under the banner of Zia Star Records. As her producer, I am equally delighted to present Starla G.’s latest artistic venture—a captivating music video titled “To Be Continued.”

Introducing “Supernova: Phoenix Rise”

This album is an auditory journey that resonates deeply with its listeners, addressing the complexities and beauties of indigenous women’s lives and their larger societal invisibility. “Supernova: Phoenix Rise” transcends genres, with musical elements ranging from hip-hop beats to rock riffs. Starla G. masterfully creates an atmosphere where danceable tracks and thought-provoking lyrics co-exist, offering fans a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

About “To Be Continued”

Filmed at the awe-inspiring Light Temple, the music video is not only an extension of the “Supernova: Phoenix Rise” album but also a standalone narrative masterpiece. As reflections of rainbows dance on the temple walls, Starla G. brings forth her story about being “young, blood, wild, and free.” This visual experience aims to reiterate that we have but one life, and it behooves us to live it rightly and fully.

Why This Release Matters

This album and music video come at a crucial time when the need for conversations around the representation and empowerment of indigenous women is more significant than ever. Starla G. doesn’t merely entertain; she sparks dialogues, raises awareness, and impacts social change through her artistry.

Where to Experience These Works

  • Album: “Supernova: Phoenix Rise” is available on all major streaming platforms.
  • Music Video: “To Be Continued” is available for immediate viewing on YouTube.

Upcoming Projects and Engagements

We at the Thunderbird Group and Zia Star Records are committed to bringing more groundbreaking and influential works to the forefront. Follow Starla G.’s progress by keeping an eye on her social media platforms, under the hashtags #StarlaG, #ToBeContinued, and #SupernovaPhoenixRise.

On behalf of the Thunderbird Group and Zia Star Records, we extend our deepest gratitude for your continued support and engagement. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing more captivating projects with you.

Best Regards,
Live Life Music Heals
Producer for Starla G., Thunderbird Group and Zia Star Records

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