October 14, 2017


2018 – 2022 An innovative new media was created, that connects and empowers Native American AKA Indigenous communities in respect and integrity.

Circular Economic job description
Vice President – Indigenouse Affairs and Development
Carl A. Vigil AKA Pony
( Navajo / Spanish / French )
Zero Emotions Director / Designer

(1988-2015) Lighting technician, graphic design, musician, performer, coordinator.
(1988-2002) Silicon Valley, Internet media delivery R&D.
(2017-Current) Associated Productions with Indigenous talent.

Film crew on productions such as: “Wild Hogs, “Terminator Salvation,” “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Avengers.” IMDB

Goals: Working with tribal communities to build film alliance.

Media content developer, working with innovative ways, to push media distribution, for  “Global Awareness of Indigenous Cultures”.

Created alliance for Native America, and technology, to create Indigenous entertainment, with digital broadcasting, and streaming. Fund raising, network coordination, and story development.

Focus: performing arts, media delivery content providers, and tourism, story development.

Consultant: Indigenous film industries, alternative energy, distribution, content development, distribution networks.

Thunderbird Group past project, include Gaffer and support crew for the a Native American short film ‘MUD’ directed and written by Shaandiin Tome

Located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Thunderbird Group was formed in August, 2017 by Carl Pony Vigil