ThunderCrete: Pioneering Aircrete Manufacturing in the Southwest

We are thrilled to be developing the concept of ‘ThunderCrete’, an ambitious venture set to become a leading manufacturer of Aircrete in the Southwest. This initiative marks a significant step in sustainable building practices and is being developed through a strategic collaboration with Thunderbird Group LLC, Indigo Bear Enterprises, LLC, and a dedicated group of Indigenous private investors.

**Innovating Sustainable Building Solutions:**

ThunderCrete is not just about manufacturing building materials; it’s about shaping a sustainable future. Our focus on Aircrete, a lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable building material, aligns with our commitment to environmentally responsible construction practices.

**Strategic Location and Collaboration:**

Our planned location, strategically chosen near or on the Navajo Nation, symbolizes our commitment to community and sustainability. This location will be pivotal in ensuring accessibility and efficient distribution across the Southwest region.

**Partners in Progress:**

The collaboration with Thunderbird Group LLC and Indigo Bear Enterprises, LLC brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and a shared vision of sustainable development. This partnership is integral to the realization of ThunderCrete’s goals.

**Investment Opportunities:**

As we move forward, we are actively engaging with investors who share our vision. Our mission extends beyond profit; it’s about contributing to a sustainable future and creating opportunities within the Navajo Nation and beyond.

**Discretion and Future Plans:**

While the exact location of our facilities remains confidential at this stage, plans for manufacturing units and model studios are underway. We are committed to maintaining transparency and will make public disclosures at the appropriate time.

ThunderCrete: Innovating with Indigenous AI in Aircrete Manufacturing

We are excited to share a groundbreaking development in the ThunderCrete project, a collaboration with Thunderbird Group LLC and Indigo Bear Enterprises, LLC. Alongside becoming a premier Aircrete manufacturer in the Southwest, we are proud to announce the integration of advanced Indigenous AI technology for structural integrity and modeling in our infrastructure projects.

**Harnessing Indigenous AI for Precision and Sustainability:**

ThunderCrete is at the forefront of incorporating Indigenous AI systems, which brings an unparalleled level of precision in structural modeling and integrity assessments. This technology allows us to design and construct with a deep understanding of local environments, ensuring that our structures are not only sustainable but also perfectly attuned to the geographical and cultural specifics of the Southwest and the Navajo Nation.

**Collaborative Technological Integration:**

Our commitment to innovative solutions extends beyond traditional manufacturing. By integrating Indigenous AI, we honor the fusion of advanced technology and indigenous knowledge – a combination that sets a new standard in the construction industry. This approach ensures that our projects are resilient, efficient, and culturally respectful.

**Investment in Future-Ready Infrastructure:**

This exciting development opens new avenues for investors interested in being part of a future-oriented, technologically advanced, and culturally sensitive venture. ThunderCrete isn’t just building structures; we’re crafting a future where technology and tradition go hand in hand.

**Join Us in This Pioneering Venture:**

We welcome you to join us in this innovative journey. If you are as excited as we are about this blend of traditional wisdom and modern technology in building a sustainable future, please reach out for more information or investment opportunities.

**Contact Us:**

To learn more about ThunderCrete, our use of Indigenous AI, and how you can be part of this revolutionary project, contact us at Pony Vigil or Steve Mitchell Smith Sustainable E Brokers.

Stay tuned as we continue to break new ground with ThunderCrete, where sustainability meets innovation.

The backstory of Aircrete

Aircrete Europe is a Dutch, privately-owned organization and a leading player in the global Autoclaved

Aerated Concrete (AAC) industry

▪ Through its Systems & Technology Holding, the company focuses on fully integrated business solutions and with its flagship product, Aircrete Europe designs and delivers turn-key AAC plants

▪ As a result of activities in its Investments Holding, Aircrete Europe has been involved in the production of

AAC in selected high-growth markets, allowing to company to combine production technology and

process experience to become the only integrated player in the AAC industry

 Long term technology partnerships

Since 1970 Aircrete Europe has established strong relationships with European DUROX, HEBEL and SIPOREX plants

International focus embedded in the organization

Aircrete Europe is a highly international organization with 18 nationalities and 18 languages in-house


lover 30 years of technology

Leading AAC player with proprietary technology and strong production process know-how

 International footprint through projects with 100+ factories worldwide

Over 40 years of technology expertise resulted in global reference projects with over 100 factories

 Complete product portfolio provides comprehensive AAC building solution

Wide product range to target residential, social housing, industrial and mid- & high-rise construction segments

The only integrated player worldwide

Selected investments in AAC factories to be able to offer combination of production technology and process know-how

 Unique Flat Cake Technology supplier

Proprietary technology allows for production of superior quality AAC products with an exceptional finishing

FRAMECRETE is partnered with Aircrete Mexico and Aircrete Europe,

a global leader in AAC with more than 50 years of experience, known as the most advanced developer, manufacturer and producer of AAC technology. The company has built over 100 different plants in 20 countries on 6 different continents. 

Applied science to Aircrete structure in America

We are the future of panels for walls and facades for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Products are manufactured at the newest and largest AAC plant inNorth America with an annual production capacity of 32 million ft2. 

We are currently shipping panels and blocks all over North America and Central America. MORE INFO

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