#11 Trolley Las Vegas, NM

The Thunderbird Group is proud to be investing in the Trolley and Las Vegas City Tourism project, aiming to bring awareness to the rich history of Indigenous Hispanic and Mexican cultures and to the truth about how the town was built. This effort will help break down The Tortilla Curtain, a term used by historians that references a divide between Anglo-American settlers and Latinos, which has for far too long relegated this vibrant culture and its many contributions to Las Vegas’s growth and development to being forgotten or silenced.

July 4th 2023 Tour begins

With this project, Thunderbird Group is now helping to shine a light on the many cultures that have shaped Las Vegas and provide recognition for the incredible contributions of Indigenous Hispanic and Mexican people to the town’s culture. We are excited to be part of this effort, as we believe it will bring greater appreciation and respect for all those who were instrumental in making Las Vegas what it is today. Not only does this project honor an incredibly important history, but its also helping to ensure that future generations can continue to learn about and celebrate these diverse cultures at the same time. By investing in this project we are confident that Las Vegas can become even more vibrant and welcoming with greater understanding of its proud past.

Nostalgic and historical

We believe that it is essential for everyone living in Las Vegas today — regardless of their background — to have a more complete understanding of this integral piece of our local history. By partnering with Trolley and Las Vegas City Tourism, we are confident that this project will make a real impact in helping to improve knowledge of and appreciation for Indigenous Hispanic and Mexican cultures, and the role they have played in building Las Vegas.

All Aboard

We are proud to be part of this effort to invest in more complete awareness of Las Vegas’s past which will ultimately shape its future! Let us come together as a community to tear down The Tortilla Curtain — now is the time for collaboration and celebration! Join us on our mission to make Las Vegas a city rich with diversity and understanding. Let’s go!

*This message does not necessarily reflect the views of The Thunderbird Group. It is intended solely for informational purposes.*

They will also be a Eco tour about the area and how to find balance with nature…

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